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"ZIM - Das Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand"

The “Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)” is a nationwide, technology open and industry open funding program for medium-sized companies and they co-operate with these economy-oriented research institutes.

In July 2008 “ZIM” started to offer medium-sized companies up to the end of 2014 a reliably perspective for the support of their innovation efforts.

With “ZIM” the innovation capability and the competitiveness of companies, including the craft and the entrepreneurial operating open professions, should be supported.  “ZIM” contributes to their expansion connected with the creation and protection of workplaces.


Promotion versions:

“ZIM”-Individual project: Single operating R&D-projects of companies.

“ZIM”- cooperation projects: R&D- cooperation projects between companies and companies with research facilities.

“ZIM”- cooperation network: Cooperation networks as an unit of network management and R&D-projects.


“ZIM” provides:

  • Various promotion versions for customized promotion
  • Current application up to 31.12.2014
  • Simple application procedure and approval procedures

Quick start: Check-up for prospective starter:

  • What, who and how does “ZIM” promote?
  • Could your company be promoted by “ZIM”?
  • You are not sure, if your project could be promoted by “ZIM”?


Hessian Ministry for science and art

“LANDESPROGRAMM LOEWE”/ Reinforcement of the Hessian research landscape

Country campaign for development of the scientific and economic excellence – LOEWE – is the title of the research funding program.  The state of Hesse sets scientific inspiration and so they reinforce the Hessian research landscape.

The state government provides with the LOEWE-program the universities and research institutions in Hesse by the profiling and implementation of strategic goals. LOEWE promotes excellent scientific joint projects especially an intensive networking of science, extramural research and economie.

Furthermore the base for the settlement further research institutions which are financed by the federal government and the countries should be prepared in cooperation and coordination with big research organizations.


 Within the scope of LOEWE are eligible (detail information gives the subsidy directive (PDF, 449 KB)):

  • All Hessian Universities (inclusive of the state-approved Universities of non-nationally sponsorship)
  • In Hesse based and from the government promoted research institutions as well as national financed non-profit extramural research institutions based in Hesse
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), family-run companies as well as owner-managed companies and partnership companies of up to 1,000 employees
  • Large companies and groups (these are basically not eligible)

Between 2008 and 2013, 430 Million Euros were provided for the State Excellence Program. In the future legislative period the research program LOEWE will be also a central instrument of the Hessian research policy. Hereupon the ruling parties agreed in their coalition contract 2014 up to 2919.  

The administration of the funding line 1 and 2 behoves to the LOWE-office in the Hessian Ministry for science and art; the funding line 3 is administered in the agency ltd of the Hessian model project.

This is horizon 2020!

Horizion 2020 – The supporting programme for research and innovation (term 2014-2020) is the main instrument of the European Union for the promotion of science, technological development and innovation. It continues the previous 7th research framework and integrates furthermore the important parts of the previous supporting programme for competitiveness and innovation (CIP) as well as the first European innovation and technology institute (EIP). The supporting programme covers a wide range from the basic research up to the innovation activities. The cooperation in key areas e.g. biomedical, scientific-technical, industrial or socio-economically research is paramount. Subsidies are also available for the subject open promotion of excellent researchers, mobility measures, the development of research infrastructure, the inclusion of small a medium-sized enterprises (SME) as well as the international cooperation.


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