Reparation and replacement almost all typs of Moog pumps as well as older Bosch pumps in industrial applications. On-site service, commissioning and instruction.


Extract product Portfolio:

RKP-II (Moog): the proven pump technology was further improved by second generation design. RKP-II has a newly constructed case with additional pistons and a sliding lifting ring. RKP-II Moog is developed for the needs of performance-oriented companies various branches and it combines innovative technology with functionality for next generation machines.


  • very reliable
  • low sound level, especially suitable for applications sensitive to noise
  • tough and firm construction
  • wide ranges of controllers
  • suitable for many hydraulic oils (e.x. mineral oil, transmission oil, biodegradable oil, cutting emulsion, HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD, Skydrol and Hyjet
  • ATEX-certified version available
  • easy  extension of extra pumps with SAE-A, -B, -C flanges
  • available with digital controller as well (fieldbus interface; dynamical delivery rate control, pressure and power; Plug-and-Play-capability by pre comparison; remote maintenance via PC; flexible parameter configuration)



RKP-D (Moog): second generation pumps can be delivered with proportional valve with integrated  digital on-board electronic for dynamic flow, pressure and power control. These digital pumps are characterised by preset Plug-and-Play-capability, remote maintenance via PC and flexible parameter configuration.


  • complete functionality regardless of the operating mode (analogue or fieldbus)
  • high adjustment dynamics for shortest cycle times and highest precision
  • diverse options and high level of customising via PC software
  • flexible multiple pump operation due to master-slave- and hybrid- operation
  • user-friendly visualisation and operation control via software with integrated oscilloscope

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